Application process

“The interviews were challenging yet informative. The recruitment team made clear that it was a two-way process.”


Application process

People are everything in our business, which is why we take great care in identifying exceptional talent and making sure the fit is right. Our recruitment process is designed to help you learn more about our company and what we do, so that your decision is as informed as possible. Here’s how it works:

You should expect to hear back from our recruitment team within 14 days of submitting your online application materials. You will always hear back from us, whether your application has been successful or not. The following process can vary for internships and placements.

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  • DRIVE.


    Do you love setting and then smashing through targets, love scoring the clinching goal for your team, and have the drive to excel beyond what’s asked of you? Us too. We are naturally competitive, but competition at AlphaSights is about bettering ourselves, born out of a shared desire never to settle – neither in the office nor on the football pitch.



    Our top performers are energised by the thrill of immediate rewards, results, and revenue. At AlphaSights, we are committed to client outcomes, tangible objectives and actually executing on our ideas. This all takes place in an environment where people feel passionate about coming to work and are committed to delivering excellence.



    The nature of our work, the diversity of our client base, and the demands that high growth places on all of us will mean that you will often find yourself at the base of a mountain you have never scaled before. You need to embrace, rather than fear, the inherent uncertainty and ambiguity of an ever-changing and ambitious firm like AlphaSights.



    This may sound surprising, but we have found time and again that many truly successful people are extremely humble. It is the trait that allows them to take on feedback, view the world through fresh eyes every day and to adapt when faced with new and challenging circumstances.



    Developing and maintaining strong, trusted relationships internally and externally is central to succeeding at AlphaSights – and beyond. Since working with people is inherently variable, situational and unpredictable, we believe you will only succeed in the long term if you develop true empathy for those around you.

Application process

Amanda C

London School of Economics ‘13

“I was impressed by the speed of AlphaSights’ recruitment process.”