Beyond AlphaSights

AlphaSights provides a platform to develop outstanding soft skills. The confidence to work with others, persuade, communicate, influence, sell, listen and learn are transferable abilities, applicable to a wide range of career choices. Only founded in 2008, we do not have thousands of alumni to showcase, but we’ve noticed the following broad areas AlphaSights Alumni have moved on to:

Account management and business development

Skills developed at AlphaSights naturally map onto commercial and business leadership roles elsewhere – especially where revenue, results and profit matter. Whether at major software companies such as or other professional services firms such as Axiom Law, AlphaSights Alumni have an enviable business mindset that prioritises sales growth and commercial results

Business school or further study

AlphaSights is a great place to get a real world introduction into the world of business and hone intangible skills in communication, management, negotiation and influencing others. An MBA or other further study programmes is a natural addition to this skillset and many AlphaSights Alumni choose this route to round out their early career experiences. We’re proud to have Alumni at IESE Business School, Harvard Business School and London Business School, amongst others.

Starting their own venture or joining a high-growth firm

Alongside the commercial skillset, AlphaSights is a growing company experiencing major transformations and improvements on a regular basis. The skills and mindset gained that comes from embracing change, driving new ideas and continually looking for ways to improve naturally leads Alumni to unstructured environments. This, coupled with the desire for leadership, often leads Alumni to start their own ventures or join other growth companies.

Client organisations

Although AlphaSights is not a natural path to financial services or strategy consulting, from time to time, AlphaSights Alumni move onto exciting and unique roles at private equity funds and strategy consultancies. Whether deal origination, due diligence roles or executive search positions, the skills developed from connecting the world’s top professionals with the world’s best knowledge are in high demand amongst top tier organisations.

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