Patricia Fay

Joined: July 2015
Team: Client Service

Patricia joined the team in 2015 after studying Business and IT at UCL. She was the President of the Women in Business Society, and got to know AlphaSights through an event featuring inspirational women in business. On the desk, Patricia helps investment clients make more informed decisions by sourcing, engaging with and qualifying experienced and often high profile industry specialists. 

“The work here is fast paced and my colleagues keep me on my toes. AlphaSights is a genuinely refreshing, forward thinking and exciting place to start a career in business. It’s a truly global company with projects, clients and colleagues from all over the world.”

Originally from Spain, Patricia speaks both Spanish and French fluently. Such versatile and broad language skills are an invaluable asset for her at AlphaSights, which she uses every day speaking with experts and clients alike.

Off the desk

Patricia is also a member of the Alpha-X inspirational speaker committee in London who regularly invite exciting speakers, entrepreneurs and other business figures to share their stories with the team.