Software and design

“We decide what to work on and what to prioritise. Tasks aren’t handed down by management, which gives us a much greater sense of ownership.”


Software and design

Our challenge

While the rest of the firm is connecting business professionals with sources of specialist knowledge, the Software Engineering Team is busy designing and developing the software that makes this happen. Working for a rapidly growing firm in a fast-paced industry means being nimble enough to adapt to constantly evolving business needs. Our software is used by clients and offices around the globe, so our applications have to perform and stay available around the clock.

Open positions

  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • JS / Ember Developer
  • UI / UX Designer

Your impact

From prototyping experimental features to redesigning our backend architecture, everyone on the team has input. Our flat hierarchy will give you a chance to be involved with everything we ship. To help you achieve, we cover the costs of books, video subscriptions and conferences.

Application deadline:
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Gustavo P

Software Engineering

“It is so rewarding to work closely with the people who use the software we build in their day-to-day work. Instant feedback and smiling faces are priceless”

Software and design