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Structural roles at AlphaSights

Our goal is not just to become a bigger organisation, but a better one, and this group is critical in enabling us to do exactly that. Structural teams include Legal & Client Protection, Finance & Administration, Marketing & Business Development, Recruiting & Professional Development, Operations
and Software Engineering.

These nimble, highly effective teams are made up of passionate experts who push the boundaries in their respective fields – team-orientated professionals who get a kick out of their specialist work and help the greater whole succeed.
Please speak to a member of our team or contact us at careers@alphasights.com
to learn more.

Application deadline:
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Jennifer JM

Senior Client Protection Executive
University of Oxford ‘09

“I don’t think I would have been given so many opportunities so quickly anywhere else. In my first eighteen months I’ve developed new policies and products to support our continuous growth, created and implemented a training programme from scratch, contributed to external marketing features, and recruited a new team member. I’m looking forward to what the next eighteen months have in store!”

Structural opportunities
Structural opportunities

“Structural roles allow you to gain broad exposure, working alongside a variety of stakeholders to drive the business forward.”